Resource Materials: Effective Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Issues Commentary and Resource Brief
  • Transcript of Judge Manley's Commentary for Webinar
  • Summary Checklist of Evidence Based Drug Court Treatment Practices
    This checklist is designed to assist in reviewing drug court programs’ treatment services to determine whether they reflect the use of evidence-based treatment practices.  The checklist is not intended to provide a comprehensive review of a particular drug court’s use of treatment for participants but rather to provide a high-level overview that should be followed up with additional action to address any problems identified. The checklist should be used in conjunction with a companion document entitled “Drug Court Treatment Services: Applying Research Findings to Practice - Issues Commentary and Resource Brief”.
  • Addiction, the Brain, and Evidence-Based Treatment NIJ Research for the Real World Seminar March 2012 Redonna K. Chandler, Ph.D.Chief, Services Research Branch, Division of Epidemiology, Services, and Prevention Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse The criminal justice system encounters and supervises a large number of drug abusing persons. Punishment alone is a futile and ineffective response to the problem of drug abuse. Addiction is a chronic brain disease with a strong genetic component that in most instances requires treatment. Involvement in the criminal justice system provides a unique opportunity to treat drug abuse disorders and related health conditions, thereby improving public health and safety. This presentation highlights the following: 1) the neuro-biology of addiction; 2) evidence-based principles of addiction treatment; and 3) research efforts underway at the National Institute on Drug Abuse to expand knowledge on effectively addressing drug abuse in the criminal justice system.